Print of a person on the ground with plants growing out of them, by Kawelina Cruz
1st Place Award

After the Fall

After the Fall, Daydreamer and Dreamer are all inspired by classic rock songs from the ’80s. "After the Fall" is inspired by David Bowie’s song called, “As the world falls down”. In verse 1, Bowie sings, “If I could place the moon within your heart”. This line stuck with me and I wanted to create a visual composition that brought this verse to life. So, I went further in-depth by researching the definition of what the moon means and it met, “something that one desires”. Once I read the definition, it sparked a story and I thought “what if something took the moon away from your heart; meaning that someone or something took away the thing you desired the most”. So, in the piece, the character lost the one thing that he desired, leaving a feeling of emptiness, indicated by the hole in his chest. But there is still hope, as the colors that surround him are still bright and the moon isn’t too far away from his grasp. And thinking that it might have left a nasty scar in his chest and changed him into an ugly person, it didn’t. What grew in place of the emptiness, was his inner beauty, which is represented by the flowers growing from his body.

artWork details

Single colored plate intaglio, monoprint, screenprint, & chine-colle

22 x 30 in

Work By

Kawelina Cruz