An Ending, a beginning by sky crosby
3rd Place Award

An Ending, a Beginning

"An Ending, a Beginning" - I began this painting in 2019 when the world was comparably normal. Oddly enough it became the first instance of not finishing a painting for a year, so when January of 2020 came around, I spent straight days and nights finishing it to officially close 2019. I gave it this title during that process, because that's what finishing it felt like. Like it was sunset, when the last rays of sunshine are close enough to the horizon that you feel its fire, yet are aware it's not for the last time that you will. You will feel it all the time, weather permitting, whenever the day ends. Like everyone else, I didn't know what sort of beginning 2020 was ushering in, but the hopeful, forward-seeking feeling that inspired this painting continues to persist year after year nonetheless, just as life intended.

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16 x 20 in

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Skye Crosby