Print of a person leaning against a block by Kawelina Cruz


After the Fall, Daydreamer and Dreamer are all inspired by classic rock songs from the ’80s. “Daydreamer and Dreamer” are inspired by Blondie’s song called “Dreaming”. In the chorus, the lead singer sings “Dreaming is free”. From this line, I created two twin brothers. Both brothers are different and represent two realities. Daydreamer represents the false reality that we create for ourselves to escape the exhaustion of life. He gazes away from the audience, not noticing that they're looking at him. His body expresses boredom and he surrounds himself with simple colors. The window behind him indicates that his head is up in the clouds because daydreaming doesn’t cost him anything. On the other hand, Dreamer represents the true reality. He expresses creativity by the clothing and colors that he wears. He's sleeping on a rectangular object, tired from his daily task. And the window behind him indicates his mind at work, staying productive and working hard to make his dreams come true.

artWork details

Single colored plate intaglio, screen print, & chine-colle

20 x 28 in


Work By

Kawelina Cruz